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Integra FEC is hiring full-time junior data scientists to join our office in Austin, TX.  This entry-level position is a great fit for recent graduates who are interested in applying their skills to identify, investigate, and analyze financial fraud.  Candidates who are currently working to complete undergraduate or graduate degrees in quantitative fields are encouraged to apply.


Austin, TX



Job Description

  • Work with our team to investigate financial fraud

  • Conduct background research to develop hypotheses of where fraud occurs

  • Data mining: write scripts to retrieve and organize data; parse free-form text fields, images, and spreadsheets to derive insights

  • Data analysis: construct and analyze large datasets to find fraudulent patterns; apply quantitative and empirical methods to reach conclusions



  • Completion of bachelor's degree in statistics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, data science, economics, or other quantitative field

  • Demonstrated experience with R, Python, and/or SQL

  • Attention to detail

  • Intellectual curiosity and interest in fraud analysis

  • Highest ethical standards

  • Strong teamwork abilities


  • Graduate degree in data science, computer science, or other quantitative field

  • Excellent skills in R, Python, and/or SQL

  • Knowledge of crypto, decentralized finance, or smart contracts 

  • Demonstrated aptitude for research

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