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We use advanced analytics and methods to identify and investigate various forms of fraudulent activity.  Our analysis is always objective and of the highest caliber that allows the data to speak the truth. Our highly qualified team of in-house experts, data scientists, economists, and computer scientists work closely with leading academic experts to give our clients a rigorous independent assessment of the underlying facts found in the data.

Data preparation, Efficiency & Accuracy

Our in-house tools, databases, and code repository allow us to proficiently organize and analyze data. We strive for accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in all our engagements, and we constantly receive feedback that we are more efficient, accurate, and cost effective than our competitors. 

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team of leading academic and industry experts has extensive knowledge of various aspects of financial markets including: trading, credit ratings, structured finance ((CMBS, RMBS, CLOs), blockchain, DeFi, market manipulation, digital assets, stocks, futures, and options. We use rich data to further understand and investigate financial and economic incentives underlying financial markets.

Investigative Methods

We utilize the latest financial, econometric, and data science methods to understand the surrounding facts. Our academic-based analysis is always objective, open-minded, and data driven. Our close proximity to the University of Texas at Austin allows us to interface closely with the latest methods and research in the academic community.  


We have extensive ties to the academic community and work closely with leading academics who have deep expertise and the highest ethical standards. We have significant experience in the preparation of independent expert reports and declarations. All of our expert engagements make clear that our testimony will only hold to the highest level of ethical standards.

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